Sail to Green Island with Ocean Free

Ocean Free is a true sailing tour where the engines really do get switched off (wind prevailing). Surveyed to carry 52, Ocean Free limits its daily passenger numbers to just 35, ensuring a truly personalised and unforgettable Great Barrier Reef experience. This is Cairns' only sailing tour to offer a Great Barrier Reef and tropical Green Island destination, in one day. You have over 4.5 hours to experience and explore these two great locations, and the amount of time spent between the reef and island is completely up to you!

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Cruise to Upolu Cay & Reef with Ocean Freedom

Ocean Freedom is a luxury motor boat, providing personalised tours to the Great Barrier Reef's Upolu Cay and Upolu Reef. Travelling at 23 knots, Ocean Freedom's guests are the first to arrive at Upolu Cay, so you can experience this pristine paradise uninterrupted. Enjoy six hours exploring the two reef destinations. The all inclusive price covers a glass bottom boat tour, adventure drift snorkel tour, snorkelling equipment and tuition, wetsuit, seafood lunch, morning and afternoon tea. Small numbers, you are a name not a number.

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Our Friendly CrewOur Friendly Crew

Ocean Freedom + Ocean Free are 2 commercial reef tours locally owned and operated by Perry Jones and Taryn Agius. Perry has been in the dive industry in Cairns and managing dive operations on 4 vessels since 1988 including Ocean Free since 1992 when he met Taryn. Since 1992 they both worked the boats and purchased Ocean Free (a 16.5M schooner) in 1996 . Having many years of experience in the industry Ocean Free quickly became a well established and respected company amongst local agents and the marine industry.

They then bought their second vessel Ocean Freedom in 2005 and after a year’s total refurbishment the luxury 20M cruiser was launched in mid 2006. Ocean Freedom then underwent another million dollar refurbishment in February 2008 changing from previously jet engines to props, re-spraying, extending the teak snorkel and dive deck by 3M making it the most spacious snorkel back deck in Cairns. The 'new look" and faster Ocean Freedom is receiving great reviews in the industry. Ocean Freedom now cruises at 23 knots and arrives at the reef in an hour giving guests 6 hours on the reef.

What remains unchanged is the company’s commitment to ensuring on both boats a very personalized caring tour where guests are a “name” not a "number". With the operation of 2 vessels it was necessary to re-brand the products to encompass the 2 vessels under one trading name. This plus the company’s commitment to running very personalised low guest number tours with excellent service lead to their new company name “Cairns Premier Reef + Island Tours”. Ocean Free has an exclusive mooring 1km off Green Island offering international visitors and locals a sail, reef and island experience. Ocean Freedom arrives in just an hour and offers 2 destinations - the beautiful Upolu Cay and the stunning "Wonder Wall" on the outer edge of Upolu Reef - with 6 hours to snorkel, dive and relax these 2 areas.

Perry and Taryn have now been operating reef tours locally for over 16 years and view their crew - who are "hand-picked" for unsurpassed service, professionalism and a high respect for safety - as the operation’s greatest asset. Perry and Taryn continue to have a great love for the sea and reef and are passionate about ensuring all their guests have an unforgettable reef experience.



Cairns Premier Reef & Island Tours are proud to announce that both their personal Great Barrier Reef Tours are now Advanced Eco Certified products.

Throughout our years of operating we have always had a strong commitment to protecting our beautiful Great Barrier Reef and showcasing this Great Wonder of the World to our guests through 2 personal, small number tours. We recently applied for our Advanced Eco Certification status to show our continued commitment to this. We are very pleased to say that this was granted to us and we can now proudly carry the logo.

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